PINE RIDGE WOMEN'S CLUB ~ we are a place to meet, make new friends, share ideas, learn, and help our community.


In the 1970's, a few women who lived in the Paradise Pines Property Owner's Association (POA)  decided to get together for a potluck lunch.  It was held at the POA lounge back behind the fireplace.  Pretty soon, more ladies came and they moved down to what is now the bar area.  The crowd kept on growing!  They called their group the "Paradise Pines Women's Club" and only women who lived in the POA could join.  Their next move was to the Paradise Elk's Charter Room.  In 1979, as the Club continued to grow, the membership was too large for the Elk's Lodge so they broke off into two groups.  The new group became known as the "Pine Ridge Women's Club".  It was then decided to allow women to join who lived within the Magalia mailing address.

The Pine Ridge Women's Club met on the first Wednesday of each month at the Elk's Lodge in Paradise, whereas, the Paradise Pines Women's Club met later in the month.

Our Club stayed at the Elk's Lodge in Paradise until 1990 when we moved to the Park Towers Pavillion in Chico.  Jean Newstetter was our President during our time at that location.  It was very small and we had a portable bar (if you can imagine that)!

During the summer of 1991, while Helen Long was President, we moved to the Chico Elk's Lodge.  We remained at that location for seven years.

In 1997, during the time Meg Cooper was our President, we moved the luncheon to the Holiday Inn in Chico.  While there, we occupied two rooms, a large bar area, and a spacious
 hall.  That location still wasn't big enough for our 250 members!  Therefore, in 1998 while Coleen Jones was our President, we relocated back to the Elk's Lodge in Paradise.  We remained there until 2007 when we came full circle and returned to the POA and remain there until this day. 

Researched and composed by Past President Edith Serafine